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Submitting your thesis for assessment and publishing it in digital format

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Faculty of Pharmacy
With these quick instructions you can deposit your master's thesis. If you need more information, please see the Links section.
  1. Convert your thesis (including the title page and the abstract Surname_Firstname_pro_gradu_year) into a single PDF file, name the file (without Scandinavian letters or special characters) and save it. If necessary, read the instructions at the bottom of the page for more information. Please note: you should not add restrictions such as disabling printing of the PDF file.
  2. Activate your Office 365 email if you haven´t done it yet.
  3. Use your University username and password (associated with your address) to log into the form for saving the Master’s thesis (link below) and proceed step by step. Onto this form you can copy both the descriptive data about your Master’s thesis and the abstract from your own abstract form. After successful submission your thesis will enter the assessment process.
  4. When the assessment is ready, the system will send you a message concerning the online publication of your thesis.
  5. NB! Information will be saved and emails will be sent to the user whose account has been used in logging in to the system. Never give your user name or email address to others!
Submission Form for The Faculty of Pharmacy
After the deposit, your thesis will stay in queue until it is approved by the faculty.
Digital archiving or publishing online
If during the deposit you do not accept the publishing license, the PDF version of your thesis will be "archived", stored in such a way that the full text can be used locally inside the library and only the reference and the abstract are publicly available online in E-thesis.
Whereas if you do accept the publishing license, your thesis will be publicly available in the Internet and can be found on the web e.g. with Google.
If your thesis is related to a company or an organization, you should make sure that the company or organization in question agrees with publishing your whole thesis online.
If you need help
With converting your thesis into a PDF file or with depositing you can contact digitutkielmat [ att ]
If you have problems with PDF conversion you can also contact the IT Service HelpDesk (02941 55555)
N.B. If you want to submit a Master's thesis which has already been evaluated and approved, please fill in the Master's thesis form and send a signed copy of the publishing agreement form (available in Finnish only) to E-thesis. A scanned copy of a signed agreement form can be sent by e-mail as well.
  • Instructions for submission of theses in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Abstract form (Please note: It is best not to use line breaks (by pressing enter) except between paragraphs - otherwise the lines will get messy when text is copied elsewhere.)
  • Instructions on  how to convert your file into a PDF file  (PDF-XChange program). Please note: you should not add restrictions such as disabling printing of the PDF file

The detailed instructions can be seen in Flamma: Farmaseutin lopputyö.