Vascular endothelial growth factors and their receptors in embryos, adults and in tumors

Athina Lymboussaki

Molecular/Cancer Biology Laboratory
and Department of Pathology, Haartman Institute
and Department of Biosciences, Division of Genetics
University of Helsinki



Academic Dissertation

To be presented, with the permission of the Faculty of Science of the University of Helsinki, for public criticism in the auditorium 1041 of the Department of Biosciences, Division of Genetics, Viikinkaari 5, Biocenter 2, Helsinki, on December 3rd, 1999, at 12 o'clock noon.



ISBN 951-45-9145-3 (HTML version)
Helsingin yliopiston verkkojulkaisut
Helsinki 1999





Kari Alitalo, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Professor of the Finnish Academy of Sciences
Molecular/Cancer Biology Laboratory
University of Helsinki


Olli Saksela, M.D, Ph.D.
Docent of the University of

Juha Partanen, Ph.D
Docent of the University of


Klaus Elenius, M.D., Ph.D.
Docent of the University of Turku




It seems somehow that the time runs faster and faster everyday and so each new day counts a longer farewell than the day before. It is dismaying to realize that life that once was action and passion, suffering and enjoyment, this life so full of vivid impressions and exciting dreams seems now so far away, so incredibly unreal. I find it almost difficult to grasp it, to bring back my old memories and worries, plans and fascinations. And so more and more pleasant and vibrant I find even small bits of communication with people with whom I spent three years of my life, which (however distant they seem now) were so far the most challenging.

Dmitri Chilov




To my parents