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University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Forest Resource Management. Publications 31. ISBN 951-45-9087-2. ISSN 1236-1313. Helsinki 2003.

ECOWOOD studies made at the University of Helsinki

R. Haarlaa and J. Salo (editors)

Department of Forest Resource Management, University of Helsinki has participated as a partner in a by European Union funded research project under the Fifth Framework Programme on Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources. (Contract No. QLK5-1999-00991 in 1999-2002). The research project is called Development of a Protocol for Ecoefficient Wood Harvesting on Sensitive Sites (ECOWOOD). The output from the whole project is visible at the project homepage http://www.ucd.ie/~foresteng/. Within the project the following papers have been produced at this department:

  1. Elonen, J. 2002a. Ecowoodilla luodaan puunkorjuuohjeisto aroille maaperille (Ecowood is used to produce guidelines for wood harvesting on sensitive sites). Koneyrittäjä 5: 44-45. (PDF file)
  2. Elonen, J. 2002b. On the amount of sensitive logging sites in Finland. Manuscript. 3p. (PDF file)
  3. Haarlaa, R. 2000. ECOWOOD - development of a protocol for ecoefficient wood harvesting on sensitive sites. A poster presented in the 8th European Conference of ISTVS at Umeå, Sweden in June 18-22, 2000. (PDF file)
  4. Haarlaa, R., M. Rantala & M. Saarilahti 2001. Assessment of the site sensitivity from harvesting operation point of view. Proceedings of the conference held on January 24- 25, 2001 at Yoskar-Ola: 171-176. ISBN 5-8158-0110-0. (PDF file)
  5. Högnäs, Tore 2002. Improvement of the soft ground capacity of regular forwarders. Manuscript. 5 p. (PDF file)
  6. Kokkila, M. 2001. Geographic information for forest technology applications. Manuscript. 5 p. (PDF file)
  7. Kokkila, M. 2001b. Paikkatietopohjainen kulkukelpoisuusarviointi puunkorjuun suunnittelun ja toteutuksen apuvälineenä ( A GIS-based trafficability analysis as a tool aiding the planning and execution of wood harvesting). Metsätaloudellinen Aikakauskirja 4: 640-643.
  8. Kokkila, M. 2002. Digital evaluation models (DEM) in trafficability analysis. Manuscript. 17 p. (PDF file, 1088 kB)
  9. Lan, Z. 2001. A cost model for forest machine operation in wood cutting and extraction. A cost model with a handout text (15 p.). (PDF file, 754 kB)
  10. Lassila, K. 2002. Ajouran mekaaninen vahvistaminen puunkorjuussa maaperävaurioiden vähentämiseksi (Mechanical strengthening of ground to decrease rut-formation in forwarding). Thesis (in Finnish) for M.Sc.(For.) -degree at the Department of Forest Resource Management, University of Helsinki. 68 p. + 2 app. Summary in English (PDF file)
  11. Mulari, J. 2002. The weight distribution and wheel loads of a forwarder. Manuscript. 2 p. (PDF file)
  12. Peltola, A. & M. Kokkila 2002. Using GIS and harvester data to improve mechanised wood harvesting on sensitive sites. A paper and a PP-presentation (23 slides) presented at the international ForestIT-conference at Helsinki in September 3 to 4, 2002. Manuscript. 10 p. (PDF file on the paper, 339 kB)
  13. Rantala, M. 2001. Metsämaan raiteistumisherkkyyden ennustamismenetelmien vertailu käytännön puunkorjuuoloissa (Comparison of some measurement methods for predicting the sensitivity (rut formation) in practical harvesting of wood). Thesis (in Finnish) for M.Sc.(For.) -degree at the Department of Forest Resource Management, University of Helsinki. 49 p. + 7 appendices. Summary in English (PDF file)
  14. Rieppo, K., A. Kariniemi & R. Haarlaa 2002. Possibilities to develop machinery for logging operations on sensitive forest sites. University of Helsinki. Department of Forest Resource Management, Publication No. 29. 28 p. (PDF file, 142 kB)
  15. Saarilahti, M. 2002. Soil interaction model. Project deliverable D2 (Work package No. 1) of the Development of a Protocol for Ecoefficient Wood Harvesting on Sensitive Sites (ECOWOOD). EU 5th Framework Project (Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources) Contract No. QLK5-1999-00991 (1999-2002) including eight Appendix reports and three computer software programmes and manuals. Manuscripts. 87 + 238 = 325 p. (PDF files)
  16. Suvinen, A. 2003. Terrain mobility model and determination of optimal off-road route. Manuscript. 33 p. (PDF file)
  17. Wang, J. & R. Haarlaa 2002. Production analysis of an excavator-based harvester: a case study in Finnish forest operations. Forest Prod. J. 52(3): 85-90.
  18. Saarilahti, M., J. Mulari and M. Rantala: Multicycle rut depth in forwarding. Manuscript, 7 p. (PDF file, 35 kB)
  19. Saarilahti, M. and T. Anttila: Rut depth model for timber transport on moraine soils. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, 14th - 17th September 1999, Munich, Germany. I:29-37. (PDF file, 53 kB)

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