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Table 1. Taxonomic outline of the domain “Archaea”. Bergey’s manual of Systematic Bacteriology, 2nd Edition (Garrity, 2001).

Phylum Euryarchaeota

Class I. Methanobacteria

Order I. Methanobacteriales

Family I. Methanobacteriaceae

Genus I. Methanobacterium
Genus II. Methanobrevibacter
Genus III. Methanosphaera
Genus IV. Methanothermobacter

Family II. Methanothermaceae

Genus I. Methanothermus

Class II. Methanococci

Order I. Methanocaccales Order II. Methanomicrobiales Order III. Methanosarcinales

Family I. Methanococcaceae Family I. Methanomicrobiaceae Family I. Methanosarcinaceae

Genus I. Methanococcus
Genus II. Methenothermococcus


Genus I. Methanomicrobium
Genus II. Methanoculleus
Genus III. Methanofollis
Genus IV. Methanogenium
Genus V. Methanolacinia
Genus VI. Methanoplanus

Genus I. Methanosarcina
Genus II. Methanococcoides
Genus III. Methnohalobium
Genus IV. Methanohalophylus
Genus V. Methanolobus
GenusVI. Methanomicrococcus
Genus VII. Methanosalsum

Family II. Methnocorpusculaceae
Family II. Methanosaetaceae

Genus I. Methnocorpusculum

Genus I. Methanosaeta

Family III. Methnospirillaceae

Genus I. Methanospirillum

Genera insertae sedus

Genus I. Methanocalculus

Class III. Halobaceria

Class IV. Thermoplasmata

Order I. Halobaceriales
Order I. Thermoplasmatales

Family I. Halobaceriaceae
Family I. Thermoplasmataceae

Genus I. Halobacterum
Genus II. Haloarcula
Genus III. Halobaculum
Genus IV. Halococcus
Genus V. Haloferax
Genus VI. Halogeometricum
Genus VII. Halorhabdus
Genus VIII. Halorubrum
Genus IX. Haloterrigena
Genus X. Natrialba
Genus XI. Natrinema
Genus XII. Natronobacterium
Genus XIII. Natrococcus
Genus XIV. Natronomonas
Genus XV. Natronorubrum

Genus I. Thermoplasma

Family II. Picrophilaceae

Genus I. Picrophilus

Family III. Ferroplasmataceae

Genus I. Ferroplasma

Class V. Thermococci

Class VI. Archaeaoglobi

Class VII. Methonopyri  

Order I. Thermococcales Order I. Archaeaoglobales Order I. Methanopyrales

Family I. Thermococaceae Family I. Archaeaoglobaceae Family I. Methanopyraceae

Genus I. Thermococcus
Genus II. Palaeococcus
Genus III. Pyrococcus

Genus I. Archaeaoglobus
Genus II. Ferroglobus

Genus I. Methanopyrus


Phylum Crenarchaeaota

Class I. Thermoprotei

Order I. Thermoproteales Order II. Desufurococcales Order III. Sulfolobales

Family I. Thermoproteaceae Family I. Desulfurococcaceae Family I. Sulfolobaceae

Genus I. Thermoproteus
Genus II. Caldivirga
Genus III. Pyrobaculum
Genus IV. Thermocladium

Genus I. Desufurococcus
Genus II. Acidolobus
Genus III. Aeropyrum
Genus IV. Ignicoccus
Genus V. Staphylothermus
Genus VI. Stetteria
Genus VII. Sulfophobococcus
Genus VIII. Thermodiscus
Genus IX. Thermosphaera

Genus I. Sulfolobus
Genus II. Acidianus
Genus III. Metallosphaera
Genus IV. Stygiolobus
Genus V. Sulfurisphaera
Genus VI. Sulfurococcus

Family II. Thermofilaceae

Genus I. Thermofilum

Family II. Pyrodictiaceae

Genus I. Pyrodictium
Genus II. Hyperthermus
Genus III. Pyrolobus

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