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Helsingin yliopiston kasvitieteen julkaisuja
Publications in Botany from the University of Helsinki
N:o 30




vegetation and carbon dynamics
in a cut-away peatland



Eeva-Stiina Tuittila





Academic dissertation
To be presented, with the permission of the Faculty of Science
of the University of Helsinki, for public criticism
in the Auditorium of the Department of Ecology and Systematics,
Unioninkatu 44, Helsinki, on November 24 th , 2000, at 12 o`clock





The copyright owners of substudies I, II, III, and IV:

National Research Council of Canada,
The International Association for Vegetation Science,
and Blackwell Science Ltd,
are acknowledged for the permissions to use the substudies as appendixes.


ISSN 1238-4577
ISBN 951-45-9608-0
ISBN 951-45-9609-9 (pdf)
ISBN 951-45-9610-2 (html)

Helsinki 2000

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