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Tiedekunta/Osasto - Fakultet/Sektion - Faculty

Faculty of Science

Laitos - Institution - Department

Department of Geography

Tekijä - Författare - Author

Lipsanen Niko

Työn nimi - Arbetets titel - Title

Naturalistic and existential realms of place in Roseau, Dominica

Oppiaine - Läroämne - Subject


Työn laji - Arbetets art - Level

Master's Thesis

Aika - Datum - Month and year

March 2001

Sivumäärä - Sidoantal - Number of pages

125 + 7

Tiivistelmä - Referat - Abstract

The aim of this study is to understand human placiality. This rather philosophical goal is approached by pursuing a geographical study of a place in its placeness. The place of this study is Roseau, which is the capital of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The study contains theoretical, analytical and synthetical sections. Following Entrikin's analysis of the 'betweenness of place' the study is divided into two parts, naturalistic and existential. In the naturalistic analysis, the external context of place is approached from the viewpoint of a detached observer. Methodology for pursuing this is derived from Lynch's 'dimensions of performance' and, in lesser extent, from Alexander's 'pattern language'. In the existential analysis, the entrenched meanings of place are approached with methodology derived from Di Méo's theory of 'sociospatial metastructure' and Heidegger's phenomenological analysis of the concept of 'dwelling'.

To achieve the synthesis of Roseau as a place, the naturalistic and existential theories are made to discuss with each other on the concept of 'place' which has been empirically nriched in the analytical sections. To reveal the temporal aspects of placeness, the historically oriented narrative-like synthesis is used alongside.

The aspects of human placiality are not explicitly studied. However, on the grounds of the aspects of placeness that were achieved, a discussion about the methology of proceeding towards the placiality is presented in the end of this study.

Avainsanat - Nyckelord - Keywords

Caribbean, Dominica, Roseau, place, placeness, placiality, humanistic geography

Säilytyspaikka - Förvaringställe - Where deposited

Library of the Department of Geography, University of Helsinki

Muita tietoja - Övriga uppgifter - Additional information


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