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Helsingin yliopisto, Helsinki 2006

Intranet Alman käytettävyydestä

Anu Leponiemi

Pro gradu, toukokuu 2006.
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Usability testing is a productive and reliable method for evaluating the usability of software. Planning and implementing the test and analyzing its results is typically considered time-consuming, whereas applying usability methods in general is considered difficult. Because of this, usability testing is often priorized lower than more concrete issues in software engineering projects.

Intranet Alma is a web service, users of which consist of students and personnel of the University of Helsinki. Alma was published in 2004 at the opening ceremony of the university. It has 45 000 users, and it replaces several former university network services. In this thesis, the usability of intranet Alma is evaluated with usability testing. The testing method applied has been lightened to make its taking into use as easy as possible.

In the test, six students each tried to solve nine test tasks with Alma. As a result concrete usability problems were described in the final test report.

Goal-orientation was given less importance in the applied usability testing. In addition, the system was tested only with test users from the largest user group. Usability test found general usability problems that occurred no matter the task or the user. However, further evaluation needs to be done: in addition to the general usability problems, there are task-dependent problems, solving of which requires thorough gathering of users' goals.

In the basic structure and central functionality of Alma, for example in navigation, there are serious and often repeating usability problems. It would be of interest to verify the designed user interface solutions to these problems before taking them into use. In the long run, the goals of the users, that the software is planned to support, are worth gathering, and the software development should be based on these goals.

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