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  • Hintsala, Matleena (2015)
    The study examines the meanings associated with baking through the autobiographical reports. Cooking has been found satisfactory variety of social and mental needs. The purpose of this study is to examine what kind of memories and experiences of baking has accumulated in different life stages. Through the experience is to be observed also, what factors have contributed the most to baking methods at the present time. It is possible to search for typical baking cultural characteristics in autobiographical narratives by linking similar experiences together. The data consisted the stories of bakers. They told in stories about their own baking experiences and associated memories. The aim was to get a variety of stories, and writers' age was meaningless. Two were men from the seventeen (17) writers. The data was processed according to the structure of phenomenological-hermeneutic study submitted by Laine (2007). From the baking stories was taken out the structural similarities (Ihanus, 1999), which describe the underlying value of the baking world. Against this mirrored the development of baker's identity. The meaning unities were worthwhile to group according to the different age groups. Thus behind them, it was possible to see related values in different phases of life. The pleasure and a feeling of security guide the baking as a child. In addition to previous in adolescence overcoming and stimulation are emphasized in baking. As an adult are baked because of the traditions and economical aspects. In old days the baking is associated more strongly with communal values. The baking is connected with working together surprisingly strongly through the life. The baking stories are based on memories. The significant memories are forming a baker's identity. The childhood experiences seem to have an essential influence to what kind of baker the person will become. Alongside the golden memories of childhood come the realities of life, when the ideals and values encounter the everyday life. However, the perception of the ideal baker lives in these narratives. In old age it is still possible to complete its own narrative and defective baking experiences by future plans.