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  • Hämäläinen, Vilma (2024)
    This thesis investigates how a relational approach could advance degrowth, an academic discourse and movement seeking to organize economic provisioning in ways that respect the biophysical limits and well-being of all life. The study responds to calls for the degrowth discourse to explicate its underlying philosophical assumptions, which are an integral part of any research paradigm, but especially theorizing making normative claims in support of social change. The study is conducted as a theoretical review and conceptual analysis of degrowth literature. The argument for the relational approach is built by mapping the gaps in degrowth’s current theoretical framework and positioning degrowth in the global pluriverse of alternatives. This teases out the necessity for any underlying assumptions to properly decenter growth. With a focus on ontology and axiology, the thesis then pieces together dispersed studies on relationality by degrowth scholars, in particular the works of Barbara Muraca, Pasi Heikkurinen, and Timothée Parrique. The thesis identifies six foundational premises of relational degrowth theorizing. Concerning ontology, these encompass (1) the constitutive nature of relations, (2) experience as universal affective opening, and (3) technology as a transformative mode of being. As for axiology, the premises comprise (4) autonomy, (5) sufficiency, and (6) care. The study claims that these foundational premises add to the coherence of degrowth theory and could be used to further develop a relational foundation for the degrowth discourse both in terms of scholarship and other praxis. The study hereby contributes to the nascent research area of degrowth’s philosophy of science, strengthening the discourse’s theoretical standing and transdisciplinary potential.