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Internet+ Logistics in Chinese Non-Timber Forest Products Online Stores

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Title: Internet+ Logistics in Chinese Non-Timber Forest Products Online Stores
Author(s): Hu, Siyu
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Forest Sciences
Discipline: Forest Ecology and Management
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2020
Electronic commerce (E-commerce) has become an international phenomena nowadays. Especially in China, due to the country’s size, large population and culture, the consumption-driven economic growth plays a more fundamental role than in many other countries, which gives higher requirements for the development of modern logistics. The rapid development of Chinese e-commerce, has made online shopping a very important part in people’s daily life as it is cheaper and more convenient than to buy things from traditional stores. At the same time, the Chinese government gives strong support to E-commerce in its economic development strategy. In March 2015 an E-commerce idea called Internet Plus (Internet+) was officially announced by the Chinese Prime Minister as an important government business strategy in the future economic development plan. The idea does not only aim to develop a new type of economics, but also to improve the traditional economics. The new strategy can decrease enterprises’ cost and increase overall operating efficiency. Behind the high development speed of the e-commerce, logistics is a very important factor to ensure the success of the online business and it is necessary to realize which factors under E-commerce Logistics takes the biggest part and has the most weight among all logistics features. In this study, I will concentrate on Internet+ Logistics, which derived from E-commerce Logistics. Evaluate the logistics performance of 364 online none timber forest products (NTFPs) stores from Alibaba online shopping mall names Tmall. The study can be seen as complete and conceptual, both in the academic and the practical field. By using entropy weight method, Topsis analysis and cross analysis, I analyze the weights of different levels indexes in Internet+ Logistics performance and also get total scores and ranking of sample online stores, in order to understand the important factors and the development trend in Internet+ Logistics. My study reveals, that some indexes such as service can largely influence the performance of online store logistics, which are the most important elements of Internet+ Logistics. The proposed framework enriches the theory of network marketing and gives directions to business owners to make improvements on the logistics quality of their online stores.
Keyword(s): E-commerce Logistics Internet+ Logistics NTFPs entropy analysis Topsis method cross analysis.

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