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ELMIT : An Automatic Migration Tool

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Title: ELMIT : An Automatic Migration Tool
Author(s): Walder, Daniel
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science
Degree program: Master's Programme in Computer Science
Specialisation: Networking and Services
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2021
Cloud vendors have many data centers around the world and offer in each data center possibilities to rent computational capacities with different prices depending on the needed power and time. Most vendors offer flexible pricing, where prices can change hourly, for instance, Amazon Web Services. According to those vendors, price changes depend highly on the current workload. The more workload, the pricier it is. In detail, this paper is about the offered spot services. To get the most potential out of this flexible pricing, we build a framework with the name ELMIT, which stands for Elastic Migration Tool. ELMIT’s job is to perform price forecasting and eventually perform migrations to cheaper data centers. In the end, we monitored seven spot instances with ELMIT’s help. For three instances no migration was needed, because no other data center was ever cheaper. However, for the other four instances ELMIT performed 38 automatic migrations within around 42 days. Around 160$ were saved. In detail, three out of four instances reduced costs by 14.35%, 4.73% and 39.6%. The fourth performed unnecessary migrations and cost at the end more money due to slight inaccuracies in the predictions. In total, around 50 cents more. Overall, the outcome of ELMIT’s monitoring job is promising. It gives reason to keep developing and improving ELMIT, to increase the outcome even more.

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