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Main constraints in the agricultural technological innovation in China

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Title: Main constraints in the agricultural technological innovation in China
Author(s): Zhang, Jiabing
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Degree program: Master's Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Rescource Economics
Specialisation: Agricultural economics
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2021
The research question of this thesis focuses on what the main constraints in the agricultural technological innovation in China are. The primary aim is to identity the most serious constraints/predicaments in Chinese agricultural technological innovation, and the most possible/main reasons behind those constraints. Based on the research findings, recommendations for some viable countermeasures and a way out of this bind could be provided for relevant policymakers in the Chinese agricultural sector. This thesis adopted a qualitative analysis based on grounded theory. The objects of analysis/data were 20 articles in Chinese academia selected according to these criteria: high relevance of titles and keywords to the thesis’ purposes; high representativeness of contents that relate to the thesis’ research questions; highly informative articles; high citation rates and influences of the articles. According to the study's findings, there are four major constraints to the advancement of agricultural science and technology innovation: 1) severe lack of financial investment in agricultural research; 2) low rate of conversion of agricultural science and technology achievements; 3) sluggish agricultural technology promotion and diffusion system; and 4) insufficient innovation capacity of scientific research actors, as well as a lack of collaborative innovation among them. This study fills a gap in the literature by conducting a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the barriers to agricultural science and technology innovation in China. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture should implement deliberate policies and initiatives to promote agricultural innovation in China. Quantitative analysis could be used in future studies to obtain more accurate analysis results.
Keyword(s): Constraints Agricultural Technological Innovation China

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