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Developers on tour : An Accessible Software Team

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Title: Developers on tour : An Accessible Software Team
Author(s): Torppa, Tuomo
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science
Degree program: Master's Programme in Computer Science
Specialisation: Software systems
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2021
User-centered design (UCD) and agile software development (ASDP) both answer separate answers for issues modern software development projects face, but no direct guidelines on how to implement both in one project exist. Relevant literature offers multiple separate detailed techniques, but the applicability of the techniques is dependant on multiple features of the development team, e.g., personnel and expertise available and the size of the team. In this thesis, we propose a new agile development process model, which is created through evaluating the existing UCD–ASDP combination methods suggested in current literature to find the most suitable application methods to the case this study is applied to. In this new method, the development team is taken to do their daily work physically near to the software’s end- users for a short period of time to make the software team as easily accessible as possible. This method is then applied within an ongoing software project for a two week period in which the team visits two separate locations where end-users have the possibility to meet the development team. This introduced "touring" method ended up offering the development team a valuable under-standing of the skill and involvement level of the end-users they met without causing significant harm to the developer experience. The end-users were pleased with the visits and the method gained support and suggestions for future applications.
Keyword(s): User centered design Agile software development Process improvement User interaction

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