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Large deviations results of Gärtner-Ellis type with an application to insurance

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Title: Large deviations results of Gärtner-Ellis type with an application to insurance
Author(s): McCann, Robin
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science
Degree program: Master 's Programme in Mathematics and Statistics
Specialisation: Mathematics and applied mathematics
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2022
Large deviations theory is a branch of probability theory which studies the exponential decay of probabilities for extremely rare events in the context of sequences of probability distributions. The theory originates from actuaries studying risk and insurance from a mathematical perspective, but today it has become its own field of study, and is no longer as tightly linked to insurance mathematics. Large deviations theory is nowadays frequently applied in various fields, such as information theory, queuing theory, statistical mechanics and finance. The connection to insurance mathematics has not grown obsolete, however, and these new results can also be applied to develop new results in the context of insurance. This paper is split into two main sections. The first presents some basic concepts from large deviations theory as well as the Gärtner-Ellis theorem, the first main topic of this thesis, and then provides a fairly detailed proof of this theorem. The Gärtner-Ellis theorem is an important result in large deviations theory, as it gives upper and lower bounds relating to asymptotic probabilities, while allowing for some dependence structure in the sequence of random variables. The second main topic of this thesis is the presentation of two large deviations results developed by H. Nyrhinen, concerning the random time of ruin as a function of the given starting capital. This section begins with introducing the specifics of this insurance setting of Nyrhinen’s work as well as the ruin problem, a central topic of risk theory. Following this are the main results, and the corresponding proofs, which rely to some part on convex analysis, and also on a continuous version of the Gärtner-Ellis theorem. Recommended preliminary knowledge: Probability Theory, Risk Theory.
Keyword(s): Probability Gärtner-Ellis Large Deviations Risk Theory Ruin Probabilities Insurance

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