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Obstacles to Using Social Media in Education : An Interview Study on the Perspectives of Language Teachers in a Finnish Elementary School

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dc.title Obstacles to Using Social Media in Education : An Interview Study on the Perspectives of Language Teachers in a Finnish Elementary School en
ethesis.faculty Humanistinen tiedekunta fi
ethesis.faculty Faculty of Arts en
ethesis.faculty Humanistiska fakulteten sv
ethesis.faculty.URI Helsingin yliopisto fi University of Helsinki en Helsingfors universitet sv
dct.creator Siikaniemi, Venla
dct.issued 2022 xx
dct.abstract School-aged children spend an ever-increasing amount of time on social media platforms. Bringing this aspect of students’ lives into the school world has not advanced with the same velocity. The aim of this study was to investigate which obstacles teachers face to implementing social media into their lessons. Previous studies show that there are more advantages to using social media in education than there are disadvantages. The Finnish National Core Curriculum (2014) does not mention social media, but it mentions Information and Communications Technology, multiliteracy and media literacy. Social media can be associated with all the areas mentioned. Many studies published by Finland’s National Board for Education also recommend using social media or its equivalents in schools. In this study the perceptions of five language teachers in an elementary school in Helsinki, Finland were investigated. The teachers were interviewed separately and the interviews were recorded. The data gathered was transcribed and then analyzed by way of qualitative content analysis. The results of the analysis show that according to teachers many obstacles exist. These include the amount of time it would take to find content that fits the purpose of the lessons, the lack of mobile devices and accounts provided by the employer (in this case the city of Helsinki) and the lack of easily accessible and simple guidelines on how to utilize social media in teaching. In the future, similar research on the educational implementation of social media in lower secondary school and high school is needed. It is important to clarify which guidelines steer teachers’ actions, and how much freedom individual teachers have. An easily accessible and straightforward guide on data protection and copyright issues is needed. More research on how teachers could overcome these obstacles would benefit the students of tomorrow. en
dct.subject social media
dct.subject education
dct.subject elementary school
dct.subject teaching
dct.subject extramural English
dct.subject motivation
ethesis.language englanti fi
ethesis.language English en
ethesis.language engelska sv
ethesis.supervisor Hiltunen, Turo
ethesis.thesistype pro gradu -tutkielmat fi
ethesis.thesistype master's thesis en
ethesis.thesistype pro gradu-avhandlingar sv
dct.identifier.ethesis E-thesisID:e8806eae-4772-46e4-ab94-073badd38dfb
ethesis-internal.timestamp.reviewStep 2022-05-10 15:20:01:547
dct.identifier.urn URN:NBN:fi:hulib-202206152609
ethesis.facultystudyline ei opintosuuntaa fi
ethesis.facultystudyline no specialization en
ethesis.facultystudyline ingen studieinriktning sv
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Englannin kielen ja kirjallisuuden maisteriohjelma fi
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Master's Programme in English Studies en
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Magisterprogrammet i engelska språket och litteraturen sv

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