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Hard Power Europe: The Path to Weltpolitikfähigkeit

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Title: Hard Power Europe: The Path to Weltpolitikfähigkeit
Author(s): Karppinen, Olli
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law
Degree program: Master's Programme in Global Governance Law
Specialisation: European Law
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2022
In recent years, there have been increasing calls for greater European Union Weltpolitikfähigkeit - the ability to act cohesively in foreign policy. While the EU has made great strides towards cooperation in foreign policy, integration in this field remains relatively limited. To examine the potential for further integration, this thesis examines the current legal and institutional framework of the EU’s foreign policy governance, along with assessing its current capabilities for implementing it. The aim is to determine whether the current framework supports or impedes the development of Weltpolitikfähigkeit. Through examining the EU’s founding treaties, decision-making processes and institutions, this thesis finds that the EU has a robust, functional legal system to support decision-making and foreign policy contribution between Member States. The Union’s institutions are capable of supporting the EU’s Weltpolitikfähigkeit, but are subject to a number of issues which impede this development. The main conclusion is that while the legal and institutional infrastructure is in place, Member States need to do more in response to the challenges created by the emerging multipolar world. In particular, the Union needs to move from unanimity to Qualified Majority Voting in CFSP matters, improve the legitimacy of a Union level foreign policy by increasing democratic oversight by citizens, and double down security and defense cooperation. Through adopting these measures, the EU can be on the path towards building greater Weltpolitikfähigkeit.
Keyword(s): European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy Common Security and Defence Policy CFSP EU CSDP

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