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The Modern Grand Tour - How was Interrail made into a tool for European identity building?

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dc.title The Modern Grand Tour - How was Interrail made into a tool for European identity building? und
ethesis.faculty Valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta fi
ethesis.faculty Faculty of Social Sciences en
ethesis.faculty Statsvetenskapliga fakulteten sv
ethesis.faculty.URI Helsingin yliopisto fi University of Helsinki en Helsingfors universitet sv
dct.creator Journet, Axelle
dct.issued 2022 und
dct.abstract The goal of this thesis is to better understand the role and the impact of the DiscoverEU initiative. It allows 18 year-old EU citizens to travel and explore Europe for up to a month by giving them a free Interrail pass. The Interrail programme however, was not created by the EU but is being used as a tool by the latter to promote European solidarity, their vision of a European identity and to further a sense of belonging. To conduct this study, I used Instagram to gather the participants’ posts and captions. All the data I gathered was public and the participants remained anonymous throughout my thesis. I proceeded with qualitative content analysis to analyse my data in order to observe what kind of narrative was being created online by the participants. European identity, the significance of travel and the decision to target the younger generations were topics of particular interest throughout this thesis. DiscoverEU aims at providing a shared experience these young people can relate to and bond over so that the EU becomes something concrete in their mind, something they can identify with and support later on in their life as well. This thesis finds that the EU is using DiscoverEU as a tool to promote European identity in numerous ways. The participants are sharing mostly positive experiences but only a few European statements about European identity. However, criticism towards the better off was also raised. und
dct.subject DiscoverEU
dct.subject Interrail
dct.subject European Union
dct.subject Identity
dct.subject Sense of belonging
dct.subject Qualitative content analysis
ethesis.language.URI und
ethesis.language englanti fi
ethesis.language English en
ethesis.language engelska sv
ethesis.supervisor Stadius, Peter
ethesis.thesistype pro gradu -tutkielmat fi
ethesis.thesistype master's thesis en
ethesis.thesistype pro gradu-avhandlingar sv
dct.identifier.ethesis E-thesisID:abc7e965-5823-4c59-8188-9af5d8362bc2
ethesis-internal.timestamp.reviewStep 2022-06-16 14:10:54:645
dct.identifier.urn URN:NBN:fi:hulib-202209153486
ethesis.facultystudyline Social Sciences fi
ethesis.facultystudyline Social Sciences en
ethesis.facultystudyline Social Sciences sv
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Euroopan ja Pohjoismaiden tutkimuksen maisteriohjelma (European and Nordic Studies) fi
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Master's Programme in European and Nordic Studies en
ethesis.mastersdegreeprogram Magisterprogrammet i Europa- och Nordenstudier sv

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