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Psychotic-like symptoms and psychosis prediction in adolescent psychiatric patients

Maija Lindgren

Psychosis is usually preceded by a prodromal period. This phase is characterized by psychotic-like symptoms, attenuated positive symptoms not severe enough to reach a psychotic level. For example, a person may hear voices that are not real. The objective of this study was to investigate whether it is possible and useful to screen for psychosis risk in an unselected clinical adolescent po...

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Public examination: 7.8.2015

Salivary scavenger and agglutinin SALSA in innate immunity

Martin Parnov Reichhardt

To live a healthy life, humans need to co-exist with foreign organisms. These consist of the thousands of different types of microbes that colonize the human body. But also, in the case of a pregnant woman, the fetus can be viewed as a foreign organism. To avoid disease, the barriers of the human body, e.g. the mucosal surfaces, must be maintained. Here the innate immune defense system p...

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Public examination: 7.8.2015

Emissions, concentrations and effects of BOVs in the boreal atmosphere

Maija Kajos

Vast amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into the atmosphere from various natural and manmade sources. VOCs have an important role in the atmospheric chemistry. They participate in ozone production in the planetary boundary layer and affect the oxidation capacity of the atmosphere. VOCs also contribute to the formation and growth processes of atmospheric aerosol parti...

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Public examination: 7.8.2015

Changing Research Communities : Essays on Objectivity and Relativism in Contemporary Cultural Research

Inkeri Koskinen

This dissertation examines the effects of a change in the roles that extra-academic agents have in academic research: they are participating in the production of academic knowledge more actively than used to be the case. The focus is mainly on disciplines that fall under the umbrella of cultural research. Former informants are nowadays often becoming collaborators, co-researchers or co-a...

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Public examination: 10.8.2015

Central nucleus of the amygdala in descending control of pain-related behavior

Nora Bourbia

The central nucleus of amygdala (CeA) is known to be involved in pain and nociception, but the mechanisms or its role in descending control of pain-related behavior is poorly understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the involvement of the neuropeptide corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) and the glutamatergic system of the CeA in pain and nociception in healthy control animal...

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Public examination: 11.8.2015

GOD IS LOVE BUT LOVE IS NOT GOD : Studies on C. S. Lewis's Theology of Love

Jason Lepojärvi

C. S. Lewis (1898-1963) was one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the twentieth century with continuing relevance into the twenty-first. Despite growing academic interest in Lewis, many fields of inquiry remain largely unmapped in Lewis scholarship today. This compilation dissertation, consisting of an introductory overview together with four stand-alone but connected essays,...

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Public examination: 12.8.2015

Aspects of Holographic Thermalization

Lasse Franti

The gauge/gravity duality connects the dynamics of gravity theories in the bulk with the dynamics of field theories on the boundary. In this thesis we introduce two thermalization scenarios and investigate them using a suitable holographic description.

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Public examination: 13.8.2015

Cell plasticity in cancer: Cues from virus-host interactions

Pirita Pekkonen

Human tumorigenesis is a process in which a normal cell needs to acquire multiple characteristics to become malignant and metastatic. In short, these so called cancer hallmarks include increased proliferation and cell survival, as well as the ability to invade into the surroundings, induce angiogenesis, and finally metastasize to distant sites. These traits are regulated in a variety of ...

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Public examination: 14.8.2015

Studying connectivity in the neonatal EEG

Anton Tokariev

In humans the few months surrounding birth comprise a developmentally critical period characterised by the growth of major neuronal networks as well as their initial tuning towards more functionally mature large-scale constellations. Proper wiring in the neonatal brain, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first weeks of postnatal life, relies on the brain’s endogeno...

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Public examination: 18.8.2015

Dissolved organic matter in sea ice; from biogeochemical processes during ice formation to bio-optical modelling

Susann Müller

Biogeochemical processes in sea ice and the ice-water interface depend on abiotic processes and biological activity. Abiotic processes in sea ice are controlled by the crystallization process of freezing water and the associated formation of saline brine. Also the heat budget of sea ice and the resulting changes in abiotic properties such as porosity and salinity need to be taken into ac...

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Public examination: 20.8.2015

Effects of dietary energy on transcriptional adaptations and insulin resistance in dairy cows and mares

Shaimaa Selim

The objective of the research described in this thesis was to increase the understanding of the transcriptional adaptations of genes encoding proteins, which have key roles in lipid and glucose metabolism, insulin signalling and inflammation, in situations of overfeeding energy during the dry period in dairy cows and summer grazing season in mares. Emphasis was placed on the potential to...

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Public examination: 21.8.2015

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Reumatautien esiintyvyyden ja vaikeusasteen mittaaminen ja kuormittavuusprofiilin määrittäminen HYKS:ssa

Havukainen, Mari / 30.07.2015

Reumatautien esiintyvyyden ja vaikeusasteen mittaaminen ja kuormittavuusprofiilin määrittäminen HYKS:ssa Havukainen, Mari Johdanto Reumataudit ovat yleisiä, mutta esiintyvyydeltään, kuormittavuudeltaan ja kustannuksiltaan erilaisia. Tautien kuormittavuuden vertailuun ei ole käytössä yksinkertaista menetelmää. Tutkimuksemme tavoitteena oli määrittää reumatautien yleisyys erikoissairaanhoi...

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Unen pituuden merkitys painon ja pituuden kehitykseen 3 ja 8 kuukauden ikäisillä lapsilla

Kauranen, Mikael / 30.07.2015

Unen pituuden merkitys painon ja pituuden kehitykseen 3 ja 8 kuukauden ikäisillä lapsilla Kauranen, Mikael Alle vuoden ikäisten lasten unen merkitystä painon kehitykseen ei ole juuri tutkittu. Aikuisilla ja myöhemmin lapsuudessa lyhytaikainen uni on tutkimusten mukaan selvästi yhteydessä lihavuuden riskin kasvuun. Tässä tutkimuksessa tarkastellaan 3 ja 8 kuukauden ikäisten lasten unen pi...

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Hammaspuutosten esiintyminen eri koiraroduilla

Linnavuori, Heini / 30.07.2015

Hammaspuutosten esiintyminen eri koiraroduilla Linnavuori, Heini Tutkimuksessa selvitettiin eri koiraroduilla esiintyviä hammaspuutoksia ja niiden luonnetta. Aineistona oli Helsingin yliopiston koirien geenitutkimusryhmän keräämiä eri koirarotujen hammaspuutostietoja. Omistajien raportoimia hammaspuutoksia oli reilu 800 koiralla, joista 306 koiran omistajat olivat kyselylomakkeella ilmoi...

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Lääkärin eettisten ohjeiden kehitys Suomessa 1847–1982

Savolainen, Maiju / 30.07.2015

Lääkärin eettisten ohjeiden kehitys Suomessa 1847–1982 Savolainen, Maiju Tutkielman tarkoituksena on selvittää, miten lääkäreiden eettiset ohjeet ovat kehittyneet Suomessa vuosina 1847–1982. Tärkeimmät käytetyt lähteet ovat Immanuel Ilmonin kirjoitus Mietteitä lääkärin ammatista ja hänen velvollisuuksistaan vuodelta 1847, Max Oker-Blomin teos Lääkärintoimi ja sen etiikka vuodelta 1911, A...

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