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  • Aalto, Kirsi (2018)
    Introduction. The purpose of this study was to find out what is adventure education and how could it be put into practice in the forest during comprehensive school’s home economics’ lesson. Some home economics researches have been done concerning nature and home economics but there’s no research about adventure education and home economics. This study tries to answer Finnish comprehensive school’s curriculum, National Core Curriculum for Basic Education 2014 that says: the teacher should use nature as a learning environment and one aim of the education is to teach sustainable lifestyle. I wanted to innovate how adventure education and forest as a learning environment could develop pupil’s home economics skills. I chose forest as a possible learning environment because there are forests everywhere in Finland. I studied adventure education, home economics’ research about how experiences are related to learning skills of home economics, theory of human ecology, and relationship between human and nature. Methods. This study is a descriptive literature review about adventure education literature. I wanted to receive an overview about the topic. I wanted to find answers to following questions: what is adventure education? What kind of learning environment forest could be during home economics’ lesson? I tried to find adequate information related to my topic. Conclusion. Based on my literature review, adventure education develops pupil’s personal growth, for example learning. It is possible to use adventure education as a pedagogical method in the comprehensive school during home economics’ lesson. Adventure education improves home economics’ skills such as cooperation skills. Experiences in the forest also improve pupil’s environmental thinking. This study can be used as a tool to use adventure education in home economics and to inspire those who are interested in adventure education.