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  • Boström, Linda (2022)
    The aim of this study was to explore parental perspectives on home-school collaboration when the child often expresses a dislike towards going to school. Further the study will bring forth the parent’s perspective on how they want to support well-being in school and how they would evaluate the forms of support for learning provided by the school. The study was executed by analyzing three of the questions in the questionary made by Förbundet Hem och skola and Suomen Vanhempainliitto. The number of respondents in this study was n=80. The material was limited to respondents who´s children rarely or never want to go to school and further to a Swedish speaking school. The answers regarding parents view on collaboration between home and the school was analyzed quantitatively using descriptive statistics and the following research questions regarding support of wellbeing and the value of support measures were answered by qualitative content analysis. The result regarding the analysis for the collaboration through the view of the parents shows that the parents do not always feel that the collaboration meets their expectations. The school does emphasize the weight of collaboration and encourages parents to be in contact with the school. The parents however do not always feel welcome to visit the school during school hours, and they feel that they are not heard. The parents furthermore wish that the support of the child’s wellbeing also should be done in collaboration with the school and the other parents. Regarding forms of support for learning the majority (77%) of the respondents say their child had not received intensified or added support. The study shows that parents who´s child had been offered support for learning experienced some dissatisfaction in how it was done. The parents feel that the support measures were insufficient and late. The reason for this can be seen in lack of resources. Some parents also expressed dissatisfaction regarding how the school communicated about possible learning support and if measures resulted in progress.