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  • Braunschweiler, Anssi (2023)
    There have been many studies concerning the organization and management in classrooms and the disturbances that violate it. Most of them, however, have been done from the point of view of teachers. The goal of this study is to bring out the views of the pupils on this subject. This study aims to find out more information for the teachers on, how the students think the classroom disturbances could be reduced and what can the teachers do to improve classroom management. This study was done as a qualitive study. The material used in the study has been collected by interviewing ten ninth grade students. In the interviews, the students were asked different questions concerning classroom management and disturbances with an aspect of the role of a teacher involved. The material was then analysed using data-driven content analysis focusing on the views of classroom management. The results were formed from consistent themes found from the material, from which the researcher formed the main categories. The students brought up the usage of phones, talking with classroom friends and extra disturbances (for example, extra personnel in the classroom) as the main causes of classroom disturbances. The students showed that they understand their role in the cause of classroom disturbances but underlined the role of the teacher in their answers, as the key to a peaceful classroom. Teachers were expected to be clear with their rules and be justful in their actions which were aspects that the students respected. Results showed that the students felt that the classroom is more peaceful when the teacher has planned the lesson to match the students’ needs. Results also showed that teacher-student relationship and classroom atmosphere have an impact on the peace of the classroom.