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  • Breilin, Jenny (2017)
    The objective of the study is to understand the prevalent conception of social and educational equality in National Core Curriculum for Basic Education as part of normative steering of education. National Core Curriculum for Basic Education gives directions for the objectives in content, pedagogy and goals in education. The curriculum is seen as a political document, whereupon its objectives are studied from an ideological point of view. This aims for taking notice on curriculum's functional forms. Additionally, objectives of social and educational equality are studied as practices in society. Equality politics is analyzed from the perspectives of values as well as societal structures. This forms the premise of goals in educational equality. The reference material are the definitions of equality in the National Core Curriculum 2014. The study was carried out utilizing critical discourse analysis. The interpretation of the analysis was abductive where observations are treated as objects of analysis by a given approach. Possible consequences followed by the alternative arrangements of the sentences in the curriculum were argumented with the objective of more specific observations and interrelations of the consequences. The analytical part focused on the possibilities by the curriculum framework to pursue equality. Main interests were the institutionalized and ideologist discourses that are used to construct social and educational equality in the curriculum. Special attention was given to study the possibilities to implement equality formed by the framework. A particular consideration in the curriculum was taken for the equality discourses that have the power to mould their surroundings. The curriculum forms discourses where their legitimation is formed by the presumption of equality as an achieved state of things. Through this transformation equality obtains significant features that become common. On the other hand, the content of the curriculum is somewhat contradictory to achieve genuine equality. Concept of equality that remains somewhat undefined leads to fragmentation which in turn pushes more towards inequality rather than equality due to the ambiguous nature of the interpretation.