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  • Breilin, Sanna (2020)
    Objectives. The goal of this thesis was to find out what kind of perceptions early childhood education employees have of drama education and it´s use as a pedagogical content and how to strengthen it`s status. This thesis used Bronfenbrenner´s ecological systems theory as a way to look how perceptions will absorb and how they´ll influence. The study examines dramaplay -entity. Finnish education evaluation centre made a report of implementation of the National core curriculum and there were shortcomings in the contents of art education. Methods. Theme interviews conducted in spring 2015. Three early childhood education employee were interviewed. The results analyzed through phenomenographic method. Results. Drama perceived as positive and communal art form but only one of the interviewees used drama regularly. There was less drama and art education if the employee found the group of children challenging. Interviewed employees experienced that kindergartens cultural activities reflect the quantity and quality of art education. All interviewees argued that training was a way to increase art education and drama. Employees had positive attitude towards drama. They participated in the drama with the group and were given concrete tools how to make drama with children. Kindergartens operational culture and leadership influence pedagogical content. Perceptions of arts and drama pedagogy in early childhood education should be examined more depth and their impact on action explored.