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  • Burakoff, Minna (2021)
    Teaching of socioemotional skills for schoolchildren increases good atmosphere and improves learning outcomes. Students ’chances of success in school and life improve. Socioemotional learning has a positive effect on a student's wellbeing through good interpersonal relationships and better school performance, among other things. Awareness of one's own socioemotional competence is the first step in learning these skills and regulating emotions in different situations. The regulation and recognition of emotions affect the learner’s motivation and attention, selfconfidence, and both flexibility and perseverance. However, learning and teaching socioemotional skills is a complex process. Structuring the challenges and significance of socioemotional research is important so that these skills can be better learned in the future. The aim of this study is to determine whether socioemotional skills develop differently at the level of different socioemotional skills in five different European countries. The material was divided into three groups by country and these formed three skill levels of socioemotional competence: low, moderate and good. In the dissertation, the data were analyzed by T-test to see if there was a change in the groups between the initial measurement and the final measurement. The main result was statistically very significant. It was found that if a student’s starting level of socioemotional skills is relatively low, i.e., he or she belongs to a low-skill group, then socioemotional teaching has a significant healing effect on the level of socioemotional skills of these students. A significant result was also that for those students with a relatively good baseline level of socioemotional skills, their skill level decreased significantly after the intervention. In conclusion, therefore, it is worthwhile to tailor socioemotional education to different skill levels.