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  • Busheva, Anna (2023)
    This thesis investigates the realisation of tone in dialects of Southern Angami, a language of Tibeto-Burman family spoken in the state of Nagaland, North-East India. The audio recordings of native speakers are analysed to determine how the tones differ in pitch movement patterns, accounting for context and dialect variation. The research questions concern the significance of pitch contours and duration in a level tone system, as well as tone unit interaction. It was concluded that the fundamental frequency is the main determining factor, and neither pitch contour nor duration have a more prominent effect than pitch value; however, it is possible that duration plays a role in discerning tones 2 and 3, and a pitch curve is a consistent feature of tones 1 and 4. No significant difference was found in tone systems of Jotsoma and Kigwema.