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  • Fredriksson, Klaus (2022)
    With increasing amounts of software services provided to users and the more demanding requirements needed from them, monitoring of services is becoming increasingly important. Web service monitoring is the process of confirming system functionality by studying its various attributes, such as availability, reliability, and performance. Monitoring the services helps the software developers, maintainers and owners as they allow for increased reliability, robustness and possibly performance analysis. This thesis focuses on web service monitoring and the tools that it is done with. Specific goals are to learn about the different categories that monitoring services can take and to showcase a custom web service monitoring tool and its further development. The subject is important to the case company LogiNets, which has specific monitoring requirements that need to be fulfilled. These goals were achieved by researching literature on different types of monitoring tools for a literature review and then doing a case study of monitoring tool development. The case study was done about adding a new functionality to LogiNets’s indoor web service monitoring tool called Agent. The literature review was successful in identifying different categories of monitoring tools both by their location relative to the monitored service as well as by the quality of service requirements they fulfill. The review did not, however, discover significant research about existing commercial monitoring tools, and thus provided little help in the case study. The case study was more successful, with the new functionality added and similar extensions planned for the future.