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  • Hytönen, Heidi (2022)
    Goals. The aim of this study was to examine the occupational well-being of Finnish primary school teachers in the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020 by viewing their work engagement and basic psychological needs. This study also examines teachers’ self-assessed digital skills and gender connection to work engagement. Earlier studies indicate that there is a positive connection between teachers’ work engagement (vigor, dedication and absorption) and basic psychological needs (autonomy, competence and relatedness). Methods. Data is a part of the national Bridging the Gaps -research and teachers have answered to it anonymously in spring 2020. The data included 717 primary school teachers of which 613 were women (85%) and 101 men (14%). Age of the participants varied between 23 and 65. The data was analyzed using correlation and hierarchical regression analysis. Results and conclusions. The results showed that autonomy and competence were positively associated with vigor, dedication and absorption. Relatedness was not associated with vigor, dedication and absorption. High digital skills were associated with vigor. Women experienced higher level of work engagement than men. In the future, would be important to promote teachers feeling of relatedness since fulfilling basic psychological needs should support their work engagement.