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  • Islam, Md. Mesbahul (2016)
    Ensuring quality and reliable wireless network in crowd events, such as sport events in the stadium or exhibitions in large convention halls, has been challenging. Standard 802.11 Wi-Fi is based on CSMA (Carrier sense multiple access) technology; however using TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) instead might bring benefits such as energy savings, fair use of bandwidth and more predictable performance in crowded networks. Using TDMA with standard Wi-Fi hardware has been proposed before, but the proposed solutions would require changes to the MAC layer, which means modifying NIC drivers and even firmware. The goal of this thesis is to investigate, whether a simple TDMA could be implemented on the application layer for crowded Wi-Fi networks. 'Application Layer TDMA' means that the network stack would be left unchanged, and the applications on different devices would agree on a schedule of sending packets on their dedicated time slots. The experiment of the thesis has been carried out in an RF shielded laboratory in Helsinki University and from the experiment we have evaluated the performance of the application layer TDMA and compared with CSMA/CA.