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  • Jaakkola, Maija (2019)
    The thesis literature review is about the effects of brine to meat and manufacturing process. Possible ingredients the brine of broiler and their impact on meat was also introduced. Possible ingredients properties were explored as well. The aim of experimental work was to test in practice how a new brine works versus the currently used brine and investigate how the brines behave with broiler meat using different methods. The samples were injection salting cured pea-psyllium fibre back quarters and bamboo-psyllium fibre back quarters, drum cured pea-psyllium fillet steaks and bamboo-psyllium fibre fillet steaks. These samples were tested microbiologically with TEMPO®-method, sensory evaluation with descriptive method, by measuring pH, by determining cooking loss and drip loss and by determining samples salt contents. Microbiologically the cured back quarters and fillet steaks remained good at least during the 15 days tested with both brines and thus the shelf life could be at least 15 days. In sensory evaluation there was no statistical difference between the two brines used for curing fillet steaks and back quarters. Neither, there was no statistical difference in cooking losses and drip losses. Samples pH values were an appropriate level and there were no deviations. Salt contents were consistent when comparing to the amount of added salt. In conclusion, the new bamboo-psyllium fibre brine works nearly as well as the currently used pea-psyllium brine in broiler meat. The bamboo-psyllium fibre brine could work better if recipe would be optimized.