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  • Korhonen, Otso (2015)
    The aim of this study was to identify the socio-economic and agro-ecological factors, reflecting the impact of agricultural mitigation actions for food security in Ethiopia and opportunities to develop on the basis of these factors indicators to assess the food security impact of Clean Development Mechanism projects. The study analyzed interviews conducted in three different locations in Ethiopia. The interviews were coded and the encodings were combined in to themes. Different categories of food security impacts were created on the basis of the themes. The CDM projects were analyzed using the themes and categories to form indicators so that the food security impact of the projects could be evaluated. The analyzed mitigation measures were composting, construction of terraces, limited use of areas and the use of agroforestry. Mitigation actions were found to have a positive impact on food security and climate change mitigation. Farmers felt that the mitigation measures were effective and decided to continue their use although the workload of the measures was described great. When developing of mitigation measures attention should be paid to the technical difficulties and feasibility of the action. Based on this analysis it was possible to form indicators for food security impacts of CDM projects. All the evaluated projects were found to have positive effects on food security on the basis of the indicators. Using the indicators directional assessment of food security impacts of CDM project can be made. The projects do not explicitly consider the food safety implications.