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  • Murto, Petri (2017)
    The purpose of this study is to review the experiences of four elementary school teachers about physical education classes. How do they perceive and act in a situation, where there is a physically disabled student in the group? The interviewees were chosen specifically, and they all have experience in teaching disabled students. The research questions were divided into four themes. The themes are: Inclusion in physical education, differentiation in physical education, and their pros and cons from the teacher's perspective. The study is a qualitative case study. The data consisted of four interviews with elementary school teachers who teach physical education. The analysis of the collected data was done through content analysis and phenomenographic analysis. In all interviews, the importance of including the disabled student into the activities was emphasized. Also the value of maintaining differences and careful differentiation were highlight-ed. The teachers emphasized that inclusion should not be done only because it sounds good. The inclusion in physical education should always be relevant from the student's perspective. The study focuses on opinions and experiences of the interviewees. The objective was not to reach generalizable results, but to give a thorough description of a phenomenon.