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  • Pöllänen, Ilona (2021)
    Former studies have shown that everyday workload has increased in Finland. However, their focus has been on families’ point of view, but young childless adults’ views have stayed in the shadows. According to the studies adolescents are even prone to serious health issues caused by loaded everyday life. The goal of this thesis is, firstly, to study what young childless adults think about loaded everyday life and, secondly, to analyse ways how young adults try to ease their everyday workload. The research approach is qualitative. The data was collected with an e-questionnaire that included open ended questions. The study participants were chosen by discretionary and snowball sampling. The data consists of 29 young childless adults who experienced periods of transition in their lives and who also experienced loaded everyday life on a scale of daily to monthly. The data was analysed by using a data-driven content analysis. Everyday workload of young childless adults relates to the challenges of everyday well-being and performance. The former was emphasized among those who were affected by loaded everyday life most strongly and the latter among those who were less burdened by everyday life. Young adults tried to make their loaded everyday life easier via time management and by taking care of their well-being. It turned out that workload experience can be facilitated and managed by means suitable for oneself, so that is possible to secure and increase mastery of everyday life and well-being. The experience of everyday workload turned out to be a personal experience which was related to several different factors and individual needs. The number of things to be looked after, activities, or leisure time did not predict the quality of loaded everyday life experience.