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  • Poikela, Linda; Poikela, Linda (2024)
    Introduction: The aim of the present study was to examine the associations between school principals’ workplace social support and their job satisfaction. The second aim was to determine whether these associations vary according to the school principals’ age. The relationship between job satisfaction and social support were examined within the framework of social capital theory. Previous research has found statistically significant associations between job satisfaction and social support, therefore, it was hypothesized that job satisfaction and social support would yield statistically significant results. Additionally, the study explored the associations between job satisfaction and social support across different age groups. With regard to age groups, it was hypothesized that the group under 40 years old will get statistically significant associations. Methods: The data used in the study is part of the Principal Barometer 2023 survey. The data is part of the international Principal and Wellbeing research project, which examines the health and well-being of Finnish school principals. A total of 416 principals responded to the survey, of whom 35.1% were male, 63.9% female (1% missing data). The respondents age varied between 30 to 67 years, with an average age of 52.3 years. The data was analyzed using linear hierarchical regression analysis. Results and conclusion: The results of the linear hierarchical regression analysis indicated that principals’ job satisfaction was positively associated with workplace social support. Significant differences in job satisfaction and social support were observed across age the groups. Based on these results, social support received from the work environment and colleagues is positively related to principals’ job satisfaction. In conclusion, it can be stated that social support plays a positive role in principals’ job satisfaction, and the significance of social support may vary according to age.