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  • Poikolainen, Lotta (2018)
    The aim of this thesis was to study fungicide resistance of Net blotch (Pyrenophora teres f. teres) against SDHI-, QoI and DMI fungicides in cooperation with NORBARAG. This study included both field trials and laboratory testings. The field trial consisted of efficacy assessments and yield level and quality analysis. The main conclusion was that only Proline treatment had a statistically significant lower efficacy against Net blotch and yield levels and quality were lower compared to untreated and other treatments. In a practical point of view, the differences between Proline and other treatments were not significant. Samples that were sent to Denmark for resistance testing had no resistance against QoI fungicides. The aim was also to determine possible resistance against DMI and morfoline fungicides from two Finnish field samples. Leaf samples were collected from Siuntio and Inkoo in 2014. Resistance and efficacy testings against DMI fungicides were done in laboratory. The test was done in laboratory with three different products and three different dose rates. Tested products were Proline (prothioconazole 250 g/l, DMI), Tilt (propiconazole 259 g/l, DMI) and Zenit (propiconazole 125 g/l and fenpropidine 450g/l, DMI and morfoline). Products were compared to untreated treatments. The results was that there were differences between the two isolates, products and dose rates, but no fungicide resistance was detected.