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  • Priestley, Danielle (2016)
    This Master’s thesis explores the ways in which individuals interact with the world around them, and how this interaction intersects with the construction and performance of identity. It draws on gender theory, urban studies and intercultural studies to investigate the following research questions: Do trans and gender-variant people interact differently with urban spaces than cis people? Is there something special about the Finnish city? If so, what are the implications for those of us operating in, planning and managing those places? It is argued that, although safety and security are not a daily struggle facing trans people in the Finnish city, there are issues with physical, emotional, and structural safety that are unique to the trans experience, and that are unique to the Finnish city. Chapter 3 finds that the Finnish city provides spaces which are both a help and a hindrance to the achievement of self-actualisation for trans people. Finally, in Chapter 4, it is shown that there are stark differences in the experiences of trans people depending on their workplace, but that transitioning at school has hitherto been problematic. Also problematic is the medical realm in Finnish towns and cities.