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  • Pullinen, Saara (2022)
    This master's thesis aims to elucidate the experiences of eighth-grade elementary school students in home economics distance learning periods in the spring of 2020 and spring of 2021. The aim was also to outline the change in household education during the exceptional period caused by the corona pandemic. The study was carried out using qualitative research methods. The research material was collected through in-depth interviews with eight eighth graders in elective home economics course who had experienced both distance learning periods. The analysis of the material uti-lized the principles of content analysis and thematic analysis. The general opinion of the interviewees about distance learning was negative. According to the respondents, social isolation had a negative effect on experiences also on distance learning in home economics, as the formerly interactive subject turned into studying alone. There was a distinct decrease in interactions between teacher and student, which affected negatively in the experiences of the student about distance learning. Tasks in distance learn-ing seemed more boring than in contact learning, as many tasks were written assignments instead of cooking, as in the name of equality the home economics teacher could not de-mand students to acquire the necessary materials. Respondents found the education tech-nological applications to be easy to use. However, the simultaneous use of many applica-tions was a concern for respondents, as the school did not have common policies on the use of applications during the first distance learning period, so many teachers had different appli-cations in use.