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  • Pulsa, Veikka (2023)
    The scholarship allotment problem describes the goal of strategically offering scholarships to prospective students of a university in a way that optimises the expected return for that investment. The goal of this thesis is to formulate the scholarship allotment problem in multiple variations of increasing complexity while also introducing algorithms to solve those variations optimally as efficiently as possible. The thesis also offers some insight into the way more complex variations and generalisations heighten the difficulty of finding an optimal solution in a reasonable amount of time. The main focus and the main tool used to tackle these problems is the classic knapsack algorithm and different variations of it, like multiple-choice knapsack and multidimensional knapsack. In addition to the theoretical side, the thesis contains an empirical study into the performance and feasibility of the algorithms introduced. Concrete implementations of the algorithms discussed are all available on a public GitHub repository online: