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  • Qin, Nanbing (2013)
    The literature review dealt with the principles and methods for the evaluation of the quality of raw meat and meat product in different aspects. The factors influencing the quality of meat products were also involved. A new type of muscular dystrophy in broiler Musculus pectoralis, wooden breast, has been found in broilers. The dystrophy results in fibrinogenesis and thus local hardening in the muscle, but poses no health risk in human consumption. The aim of the study was to explore the maximal percentage of wooden breast that can be used in the meat products without causing a perceived quality defect. In the preliminary tests, wooden breast was incorporated with normal meat in different percentages to make sausage and chicken nuggets. Different methods of comminuting were also applied in the processing of wooden breast. The quality of the products was evaluated through the measuring in different aspects. Comparison was made between normal products and products containing wooden breast, so that a maximal addition percentage of wooden breast was obtained. The results of the preliminary test were later verified in the pilot plant. The addition of wooden breast increased the shear force and binding strength of the sausage and finely chopped chicken nuggets but resulted little change on the shear force and binding strength of the ground chicken nuggets. The pH, redness, and yellowness of all types of products declined with the wooden breast treatment. Lightness of the products was increased by wooden breast. Through the verification in the pilot plant, sausage and two types of chicken nuggets allow the addition of wooden breast to replace at least 15% and 30% of the lean meat in the recipe, respectively. Due to the low incidence of the dystrophy, that high additions will not be necessary in the practice.