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  • Raatikainen, Sami (2018)
    We study the non-minimally coupled Higgs inflation scenario in the framework of teleparallel gravity. In the first part of the thesis we introduce teleparallel gravity. We present the tetrad formalism and discuss the connections and the relevant tensors used in teleparallel gravity. We then present the equations of motion in teleparallel gravity, as well as the action and the field equations of the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity and compare them to their counterparts in general relativity. We also discuss the role of the spin connection in extended teleparallel theories of gravity. In the second part we introduce the non-minimally coupled Higgs inflation model. We calculate cosmological observables for the model in the Einstein and Jordan frames, first in the metric formulation of general relativity and then in teleparallel gravity. In the case of general relativity we recover the already known results that are in excellent agreement with observational data. In the case of teleparallel gravity we show that the teleparallel scalar perturbation equations contain terms that prevent us from finding analytical solutions. We also show that the teleparallel gravitational tensor modes are the same as those in general relativity.