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  • Saarelainen, Suvi-Maria (2009)
    Cancer diseases are considered to be relatively common among the Finnish population, every fourth Finn has been affected by cancer in their lifetime. Around 24,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in Finland. According to the estimations, about half of all diseased will recover. This research examines cancer patients experiences and needs for mental and spiritual support. This paper answers questions what kind of support cancer patients were given after the diagnosis and how did they felt about it. My research was conducted by thematic interviews (N=7) with cancer patients and letters (N=13). To analyze I used narrative holistic-content analysis and holistic analysis of form. Narrative holistic-content analysis consists of reading the material and writing down common points, themes and deflections. By using holistic analysis of form, I observed changes and turning points in one s story of life. Then I could graphically show the emotional changes in the cancer patients life. By rereading the material, examining and comparing it, I was able to build different categories. After defining these categories (Longing, Supported, Individualists, Believers) I reread the interviews in terms of which category it belonged to. I chose one story from each category to represent the whole group. This so-called central story was complemented by other stories from the same group. Analysis enables to define a type story from each group, they were examples of the various ways of reacting about support that they were giving or not having the support that were needed. The stories reflect the participants feelings about support they were given but some cases feeling rejected.