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  • Taagehøj, Inka Ilona (2016)
    The Pro Gradu thesis is handling social impact evaluations of Sports for Development and Peace projects, particularly football projects. The thesis is answering to questions on how a regional perspective should be included to an impact evaluation tool, that is used in heterogenous locations. The thesis is also taking part in the conversation about how impact evaluation tools of global Sports for Development and Peace can be developed to respond to local change. The research material is collected from participants of Cross Cultures Project Associations Open Fun Football Schools. A two-stepped baseline and follow-up questionnaire and group interviews are used as a method. The question material is based on local needs and goals defined by local volunteers in a volunteer training seminar. The regional perspective is included in the research method in dividing the aspired goals to indicators which can be chosen as the goals of the local Open Fun Football Schools by the volunteers of the project. The impact evaluation was conducted based on these goals. The conclusions of the research are based on a critical evaluation of the impact evaluation conducted in Crimea, Ukraine. The results show that a social impact evaluation will be successful when local needs, the pedagogical contents of the project and the questions asked in the questionnaires and interviews are aligned. The local needs analysis and finding out the baseline of the area turned out to hold primary importance. When the indicators presented in the research are portraying the realistic possibilities of the project, they are creating a base for successful use of an impact measurement tool that has the ability to take regional and project based differences in consideration.