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  • Taajamo, Netta (2022)
    The purpose of the thesis is to research the meaning of classroom management and its relevance in a teaching situation from class teacher’s perspective. The aim is to examine how classroom management manifest itself in teaching situation, compile data of the classroom management resources class teachers use and explore how classroom management skills can be improved and supported. The thesis is a qualitative case study. Five education expertsaround the Finlandwith knowledge of teaching participated in the research. The data was collected by semi-structured interview and data driven content analysis was used to analyse the data. The educational experts’ views of the classroom management and its relevance were exceedingly congruent. The classroom management was understood as wide-rangingpositive concept. Class teacher’s authority, personality, consistency, interactionskills, knowing the student and the cooperation with guardians and colleagues werestrongly associated with classroom management. Theseconceptswere divided into five defined themes. These themes are class teacher’s personality, interactionskills and empathy, teacher-student relationship, pedagogy, and cooperation.The results show that classroom management is very significant concerning class teacher’s success, it is fundamental. With classroom managementaclass teacher builds afunctioning group where everyone feels well and safe. Classroom management embodies school satisfaction, social relationships, students active studying and learning. Without classroom managementaclass teacher fatigues and burns out. Classroom management skills develop on the job by peer learning from the colleagues. The support of the work community and headmaster is vital part of the evolving classroom management. As a result of the research the classroom management is given comprehensive and positive definition. There is no need to rename the term itself, but the associations combined to classroom management. The results of this research can be applied to regeneration of the contents of the class teacher education and development of teacher’s professional skills.