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  • Taanila, Anette (2017)
    Cancer patients have a manifold risk of suffering from both thrombotic events and anticoagulation-related bleeding complications. For this reason, knowledge of their adequate medication is crucial. The aims of this study were to find out are guidelines being followed regarding the treatment of venous thromboembolisms. The emphasis was on the anticoagulation therapy of cancer patients, but also non-cancer patients were analyzed as controls. Data was collected from the clinical information system Uranus CGI. All patient records (with the diagnostic codes I26.0, I67.6, I74.3, I80*, I81*, I83*, K55, N28.0, 022.3) in the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa (Jorvi, Meilahti, Peijas, Lohja, Porvoo, Tammisaari and Hyvinkää hospitals) during the time period 1.1.2014- 29.4.2016 were reviewed. Statistical analysis was performed using the IBM SPSS Statistics and Microsoft Excel computer softwares. The study included 1667 patients, out of whom 163 (9.8%) had active cancer. The recommendation of using low molecular weight heparins as the primary anticoagulants for patients with malignancies has been practiced. More research is necessary in order to find the optimal duration for treatment of, especially, isolated calf muscle venous thromboses and cancer patients' superficial thrombophlebitides.