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  • Taavitsainen, Juulia (2023)
    The purpose of the research is to examine the experiences of people with partial work ability in today's work. The experiences of people with partial work ability in working life have not been much investigated. In this research, we are interested in experiences of continuous learning, changing working life, challenges experienced in working life and work identity. This research has been carried out with a phenomenological research approach, which has guided the course of the research as well as the analysis. The research data has been achieved by interviewing six people with partial work ability in January-March 2023. The re-search results have arisen from general meaning networks, which in this study were found four. These general meaning networks are work, study, challenges and work identity. The work's themes in the study were work ability, work enjoyment, work motivation and future work. Work motivation is maintained by the employee comfort of those people with partial work ability, which is influenced by the meaningfulness of the work and social relationships at the workplace. Work is an important activity for people with partial work ability that maintains work ability and that rhythms everyday life. Challenges are experienced in finding a suitable job, applying for a job and staying at a job. In studies, the challenge is ignorance of possible educational opportu-nities and the challenges created by learning difficulties. Studying is important, especially con-sidering the future working life. It is not considered necessary for one’s work. The work identity of people with partial work ability has become fragmented due to the uncertainty of working life and the incompatibility of one's own education and interests and work. More important than the formation of a work identity for people with partial work ability is finding a job they like.