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  • Timonen, Janne (2020)
    This thesis examines designing and implementing adaptive visual cues for a social virtual reality meditation environment. The system described here adapts into user’s bio- and neurofeedback and uses that data in visual cues to convey information of physiological and affective states during meditation exercises supporting two simultaneous users. The thesis shows the development process of different kinds of visual cues and attempts to pinpoint best practices, design principles and pitfalls regarding the visual cue development in this context. Also examined are the questions regarding criteria for selecting correct visual cues and how to convey information of biophysical synchronization between users. The visual cues examined here are created especially for a virtual reality environment which differs as a platform from traditional two dimensional content such as user interfaces on a computer display. Points of interests are how to embody the visual cues into the virtual reality environment so that the user experience remains immersive and the visual cues convey information correctly and in an intuitive manner.