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  • Tommila, Noora; Tommila, Noora (2023)
    Objectives. The purpose of this study is to untangle how companies located in the textile sector see the utilization of natural dyes on an industrial scale in the future. The research examines what kind of factors could enable and, on the other hand, challenge the utilization of natural dyes. Research from the companies' point of view has not been done before, so the companies' views provide valuable information that could benefit both ongoing research and project work as well as companies interested in utilizing natural dyes. Methods. This research was qualitative, and the research material did consist of theme interviews of five companies working in the textile sector. The companies are Natural Indigo Finland, Lappajärven Värjäämö, Lapua Kankurit, Nanso and Arela. All interviewed companies had experience of using natural dyes in their production. The interviews were analyzed using content analysis. The analysis was used content analysis program the Atlas.ti. With this a concise description of the companies' future visions was formed. Results and conclusions. The research indicated that all companies were interested in the possibilities of using natural dyes. The requirements of industrial production were partly seen as a challenge when the target was to produce uniform quality and colour-retaining textiles. Great potential was seen in utilizing consumers interest as interest in more natural textiles and production methods has grown. Consumption behavior that supports natural values is required from consumers. The higher price of products dyed with natural dyes could therefore be balanced by more thoughtful consumption. The possibilities of natural dyes in the future were seen to be stronger the closer the company was to the beginning of the production chain. These companies were already more committed to utilizing natural dyes. It was easier for a dye producer to believe in the possibilities of the future than for a textile producer who uses pre-dyed material. Cooperation in the entire value chain is important to increase the utilization of natural dyes. The textile industry needs new operators as part of the development chain of natural colours. In this way, the utilization of natural colours can be created as Finland's selling point.