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  • Tommila, Terhi (2023)
    To recover from a stressful situation and take care of your own well-being, the important thing is to get your thoughts away from these stressful situations. Here you can use various activities that actively take people's thoughts away from stressful situations. Recovery, i.e., relaxation, starts as soon as your thoughts shift away from stressful things. The goal of this qualitative case study was to find out whether a beginner can have positive effects on his own well-being and feelings of relaxation when he is garter stitching. The study examined how emotions appeared during learning to knit and how emotions changed during learning the skill. The research material was produced together with a novice knitter for this study. The material consisted of video materials containing the thinking out loud of a novice knitter, from which the reflections made by the novice knitter were transcribed and analyzed in text form. The research material was produced in 14 consecutive evenings, about 20 minutes/evening, after the novice knitter's working day. Video files were analyzed with the Atlas.ti 23 program through the themes that emerged from the material and the Making-Process-Rug visual video analysis method. The material obtained during knitting and the material transcribed from the reflections were analyzed on the same thematic levels. Based on the research results, a novice knitter can achieve positive emotions that affect his well-being and a feeling of relaxation. The right knitting technique, the right tools for the knitter, and the working environment have a significant impact on the emergence of positive emotions and the encountering and overcoming of negative emotions. The results challenge us to pay more attention to these aspects and to study the meanings of these effects more.