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  • Tyrni, Miina (2015)
    I look at my study teachers' conceptions of the school and the theater cooperation. The research task is to find out the motives of the audience development of the primary schools and how teachers perceive the importance of that. The study examines student groups, cooperation skills, forms of cooperation, as well as the importance of informal education. I interviewed twelve (12) teachers who participated audience development of the National Theatre of Helsinki. They participated between 2013 and 2014. I try to find out and to identify their experiences and views on the impact of that audience development of the classes. This paper presents an overview of the drama education view, as well as its working methods and the specific characteristics of this day. The research goal is to be part of the development between theaters and schools. My work is a qualitative case study. The data collection method is a semi-structured theme interview. Interviews were conducted with twelve (12) teachers who had participated in the National Theatre of Helsinki events between 2013 and 2014. The results showed that teachers perceive group formation of the class closely. They felt they had to get to be a positive role of the observer and learn their class during working days. Main goals of the audience development was audience increasing. Working days between schools and the National Theatre were considered inspiring and energizing experience overall, but some classes got more out of them. Each of the teachers used the drama ways of working of their class, also with other subjects in class. Eight teachers stressed the importance of today's quiet and withdrawn pupils. Most of the teachers knew a lot about the audience development necessity and on why it is done. Special was that the fact that the schools are able to benefit from it much more. Each teachers assure that the team spirit improved during the working day. In particular, those teachers who kept a preliminary and gather lessons before and after the day mentioned the importance of classroom integration. The common experience was rated as good for the team spirit.