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  • Uimonen, Viiri (2016)
    Objectives: Rapid and continuing changes in working life puts great pressure on universities to ensure that their students be provided with the tools and capabilities needed for encountering the growing challenges in the field of work. Today, generic skills are considered increasingly important in order to succeed in working life. According to previous studies, generic skills as well as self-regulatory skills play an important role in learning overall. The aim of this present study is to investigate the Faculty of Arts students' experiences of how university studies have supported them in the development of generic skills and self-regulatory skills. The study will also examine various of background variables (age, gender, previous studies, stage of the current studies, employment) for connection to the skills. In addition, the study examines a possible connection for self-regulation skills and development of generic skills. Methods: The research was quantitative and a questionnaire was used to investigate the skills of both Bachelor's and Master's degree students. In total there were 245 participants from the Faculty of Arts. T-tests and One-way ANOVAs were conducted to explore the possible connection between background variables and development of generic skills and self-regulatory skills. Regression analysis was carried out to investigate the connection between self-regulation skills, previous studies and the development of generic skills. Results and conclusions: The results imply that students' generic skills are developed during their studies. Previous studies and the stage of current studies were connected for the development of generic skills. Master's students experienced their skills more advanced than Bachelor's students. Students also assessed their self-regulation skills relatively high. Previous studies and self- regulation skills were connected with the development of generic skills, but the connection must be explored further in future studies.