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  • Väätäinen, Heikki (2011)
    In past decades, the agricultural work has first been mechanized, and then amount of automation have increased. Today, increasing the size of the machines will no longer increase the productivity significantly, but the work must be done by intensifying the existing use of resources more efficiently. In this study, the focus is a self-propelled forage harvester chain in grass silage harvesting. Silage harvest intensity and a generous amount of machine units are a demanding combination to the foremen. The aim was to investigate the requirements for information management system to be developed to support agricultural contracting. During the survey altogether 12 contractors and cooperate farmers were interviewed. The study shows that contractors have the need for information systems. Of course, arrangements and the extent of contracting are affecting the issue. According to the study the key requirements for information management are: • extensive, detailed and automated data collection from the work carried out • map-based system, drivers route guidance • the client registry, work orders electronically • tender templates, price counters • reliability, stability of knowledge • the applicability of a wide range of work • compatibility with other systems The system to be developed should include the following items: easy-to-use planning / customer database tool, functions to machine monitoring, guidance and work management, data acquisition during the work and processing functions of the data collected. All users don’t need all functions so contractor should be able to choose the parts needed and possibly add functionality later. Contractors working in tough economic and temporal frames are demanding customers. Technology they use must be effective and reliable. On the other hand, human errors occur also for experienced people, so a good information system will make work easier and more efficient.